One Seed



The kingdom of God starts small
What is small?

Individual acts of compassion
A gentle speaking out against injustice
A kind word, a sweet smile
One meal for someone who is hungry

One act
One word
One smile
One meal

Surely one is not too much too ask

One pebble tossed into a pond
Creates ripples that grow outward and onward
Until one is not small but ALL

A more compassionate people
A world free from injustice
A resounding chorus of loving words
Beaming smiles reflecting peace in our world
Abundant nourishment for all who hunger

Loving God
If you will plant—I will sow
A tiny seed of love growing strong within my heart
Until I am a mighty branch
Providing shade for the least and last of God’s creatures


2 thoughts on “One Seed

  1. This is beautiful. I’m trying to think in those terms even in my daily duties at home with the kids, remembering that a little bit of extra kindness or patience with them could have that ripple effect as I send them off on their day. Keep up the great work!


    • Thanks so much! I like this idea because it’s way less intimidating than trying to “change the world” all at once. Everyone can think of small things they can do each day. But those small things really will multiply.


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