“Sheri Dursin is a gifted presenter, author, writer and spiritual guide. Sheri’s ability to take our everyday lives, what we each experience and what binds us together, and guide the listener or reader into a deeper understanding of themselves and the life God intends for them is refreshing. Sheri’s presentation, ‘On the Road to Sainthood: Celebrating the Sacred in Everyday Moments and Ordinary Lives,’ was so well received at our last Hartford Archdiocesan Women’s Conference in 2018, that she is invited back to continue her connection and impact on the women fortunate enough to attend her session. She brings a clarity, a reality and a humbleness to challenges we all face in living the life we know God intends ~ as a mom, a professional and a Catholic, Sheri offers a perspective that is real and actionable for us all to apply in our lives. We look forward to what Sheri will add to this year’s Woman’s Conference.”

Barbara Meyer
Hartford Archdiocesan Women’s Conference Planning Team
Parish Council, St. John Fisher Parish

“Sheri recently led an evening retreat at Our Lady of Calvary Retreat Center in Farmington. Her program was very well received by our retreatants. Sheri is an interesting and dynamic speaker with a knack for helping people recognize the presence of God in the ordinariness of their daily lives. As Program Director here at OLC, I especially appreciated her warm and engaging manner, her high level of preparation and her attention to detail. Every aspect of her program was well organized and thought out in advance. She arrived at OLC with beautifully prepared handouts and visual aids. I look forward to welcoming her back to OLC many times in the future.”

Sr. Mary Ann Strain, C.P., Program Director
Our Lady of Calvary Retreat Center

“Sheri Dursin presented two very well received topics at our second annual Women’s Day of Reflection: ‘Creating Space for Grace’ and ‘Come Follow Me.’ Her talks were very well organized and provided the women in attendance with practical, down to earth ways to make space for the grace of God in our lives and to follow Jesus in a busy and hectic world. The very positive evaluations clearly indicated that Sheri’s talks inspired & touched the women in attendance as many cited the concrete examples she had provided as something they could take with them from the day of reflection. Sheri came very well prepared with handouts, music and two very well thought out presentations. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

~Paula Daisey & Marla Rapini
West Shore Deanery, Catholic Women’s Day of Reflection

“Sheri is an anointed retreat leader who our parish was blessed to have present to us on three different occasions.  Her programs are thought provoking, very well prepared, and have an easy flow of scripture, testimony and music.  Participants were given reflection time and handouts to enhance their retreat experience.  Sheri is an inspired retreat leader, with an easy going style, and she touched many minds, hearts and souls at our parish.  We will have her back again!”

 ~Mary Welch, Retreat Coordinator
St. Vincent Ferrer Parish, Naugatuck, CT

“As a retreat director Sheri Dursin invites one to enter into the sacred and the quiet in a very beautiful and welcoming way. She presents relatable and imaginative presentations which touch the heart and soul of all in her presence. Sheri’s presentations also reflect her own personal journey which connects to the life stories of people of all ages. I have personally done retreat work with Sheri and I am incredibly touched by her gentle spirit and her voice of wisdom.”

~Noranne S. Wamester, Pastoral Associate and Retreat Director
The Church of the Incarnation, Wethersfield, CT

“Helping people find God in the ordinary, daily-ness of life, is one of the incredible gifts that Sheri gives to those who attend her retreats. The topics she presents are inspirational, relatable, and extremely nurturing, as she encourages people to seek God and embrace His enduring love. Sheri presents with a style that makes her audience feel at home and comfortable, like friends sharing faith over a cup of tea. The music she chooses, stories she tells, and rituals she incorporates into her retreats all contribute to an experience that will stay with you as you return to your life’s journey.”

~Kelly Henderschedt, Archdiocesan Director of Catechetical Education
Archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut

“Sheri creates a setting and a retreat experience that connects the seemingly mundane details of everyday life to the timeless compassion and love of God.  Her willingness to share her own vulnerabilities allows women to move beyond their outward facades and open their hearts to God.  Meeting retreatants where they are, Sheri helps women make creative connections that make the awesome power and love of God come alive in their hearts.”

~Denise M.

“Sheri Dursin is a gifted speaker and writer who believes that connecting mind, body, and spirit is the key to overall health and wellness. This is one of the reasons she was a wonderful presenter at our ‘Healthy, Wealthy and Wise’ 6-week wellness series in the winter of 2014. Her presentation focused on nourishing the spirit in a down-to-earth, practical way. Participants were blessed with Sheri’s wisdom, were given the opportunity to quietly reflect as well as a chance to connect with others during a time for voluntary sharing and conversation. Sheri came well-prepared with handouts and interesting, thought-provoking visual aids. Her open and friendly reputation made Sheri’s workshop the best attended out of all six in our series. One of Sheri’s many blessings is the ability to help people understand that we are all capable of finding our extraordinary spirit in the ordinary gifts of everyday life. Sheri’s welcoming presence allowed people to feel comfortable and safe in order to explore what it means to be truly connected to our sacred spirit.”

~Shannon Bielaczyc
Administrative Director
Marlborough Pilates Teacher Training Program

“I always look forward to Sheri’s retreats- whether for a whole afternoon or just an hour.  Her voice is so calming and her words are so meaningful.  She is able to draw everyone in to the message she is delivering and makes you feel welcome- whether you have words to share or just need to be there in silence.  I leave Sheri’s retreats feeling more connected to myself and to God.  I am so grateful to her for offering her time and herself.  She is truly a blessing!”

~Joliene D.

“Taking time for myself is something I don’t do enough.  I know so many women who feel the same way!  However, any opportunity I have to spend an afternoon with Sheri Dursin – to listen, to feel, to take a deep breath, to feel closer to God –  that is a blessed time in my life!    I encourage anyone, who can stop what they are doing in their busy life, to take the time and embrace her wonderful retreats!  You will be so grateful for that time well spent!”

~Cheryl E.

“Sheri has an remarkable way of speaking to the heart of what I am feeling as a woman, wife, mother and child of God. She is very connected to the everyday issues that we all go through and how to relate those issues to our spiritual lives.  Sheri’s retreats are always such a blessing to attend. I am comforted and calmed by her words of wisdom and leave feeling so connected to God and to my spiritual self.”

~Rebecca M.

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