A Prayer for the Present Moment

water lily

Loving God, I come to you as I am,
Rushed and frazzled, electricity buzzing from my fingertips,
Or sluggish, plodding through the mud, footsteps heavy and slow.
Whatever my pace, I have arrived at this precise moment with you.

Lord Jesus, I rest in the knowledge that you will meet me here,
At the crossroads of sorrow and joy,
Of confusion and clarity,
Of stress and serenity.

Heavenly Father, help me to pause.
To listen, and pray, and sit in the quiet
With you, my song blending with yours
In beautiful harmony

God of love, I pray for the inspiration to put away my own plans,
And discover what you have in mind for me
I am listening, I am here with you.
I will be present.
I will just BE.



Photo by Jay Castor on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “A Prayer for the Present Moment

  1. Hi Sheri.

    Needed this today! Perfect timing! God’s presence is felt through you. Thank you.

    Hope all are well and you are enjoying having your boys home! 😊

    With peace and hope,


  2. Sheri,
    I was so moved by this beautiful prayer. I have shared it, and your wonderful site, with my Journeying in the Spirit group
    I will be in touch soon about your coming back to St. Vincent’s to inspire us with your one of your faith-filled programs and peaceful spirit.


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