Love Enough

Last week’s post, What Does it Really Mean to Trust God, came at a perfect time for me.  Tomorrow I send my twin boys off to their first day of high school.  Four more years before they strike out on their own, to see what the world and our God holds in store for them.  The ticking of the clock is deafening.  And so I wrote this prayer to help me remember what I have always known.



Loving God,
The day draws nearer
when my children will fly out into the world.
To discover, to fall, to grow, to cry
To choose, to lose their way, to find it again.

Fear grips my heart with icy fingers
What if…they choose wrong?
What if…they fall hard?
What if…they do not find their way?

I want to hold them back,
gripping them with my own icy fingers
Hands that used to let go all the time
Taking first steps, riding a bike, getting on the school bus
Why is it so hard this time?

Have I done enough?
Have I prepared them…enough?
Have I taught them…enough?
Will I ever be ready…enough?

I sigh a little
And cry a little
And pray a lot.

And then one thought echoes in my frightened, restless mind.
“Do not be afraid.”
And I remember
What I have always known.

They are in YOUR hands
And that is enough.


10 thoughts on “Love Enough

  1. This is so beautiful…and comes at a perfect time for me as well, as I have a senior in high school so this is hitting very close to home. I cried reading this poem, as I, too, need to remember that my children are indeed in God’s capable hands and His grace is truly enough!


  2. Oh Sheri this tugs at my heart so hard! Why a beautiful picture of the boys and how blessed they are to have a mother (and father ) who love them and so much to let them go as they need to!! Thank you for sharing your loving fears and I will be praying for you tomorrow! They will do great! You’ve provided them with the wings they need to fly off on their own!


  3. This is beautiful and so well said! Perfect timing for me, too. I’m at the other end of the spectrum, first day of preschool coming up. It’s funny how some days it’s tempting to want to rush them along, and then suddenly you get the wake up call that it’s going by too fast. Give the boys a good luck hug from me! They’ll do fabulous!


  4. As parents we have to live through so many milestones. First day of pre-school, elementary school, middle school, high school, and beyond. You’d think it gets easier, but it doesn’t! Only prayer and the warm encouragement of family and friends gets us through. Thanks for posting!


  5. This brought tears to my eyes. I have had to let go so much in this short amount of time and trust that they are in good hands. Good luck to the boys tomorrow! Love to you all!


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